Business Development Databases

Achieve greater efficiency with your marketing and cold-calling efforts with our business development databases and reports that profile office tenants and industrial companies throughout the Alberta & BC Interior marketplace. 

Our reports and database products help our clients to target new sales and leasing prospects as well as provide market insights and analytics for business case and marketing strategies. Perfect for owner/principals of small to medium-sized companies who undertake business development by themselves or with support staff. 

We offer three types of reports and databases within a variety of industry sectors and geographic zones. 

  1. Business Development PDF Tenant Profile Sheets (Office/Industrial).
  2. Business Development Excel Databases (Office/Industrial).
  3. Business Development Excel Office STACKING PLAN Databases.

Our Business-Development Database Products help our clients to target office tenants and office occupiers in the Alberta and BC marketplace to lease them space or sell them facilities-related products and services.

The realities of the office tenant and office occupier marketplace has changed dramatically since the fall-out from the global pandemic of 2020-22. Many of the companies who survived are now exploring hybrid re-design and right-sizing of their facilities space.

Our latest 2022 business-development databases will help you target those remaining office tenants to lease them space or sell them facilities-related services. Perfect for people who undertake business development by themselves or with support staff.

2.1 Office Tenant Databases (A to Z database)

2.2 Office Building Tenant Stacking Plans.

2.3 Top 25/Top 40 Office Tenants by Industry Sectors.

2.4 Top Office Occupiers over 5,000 SF not from office buildings.

Available for Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Kelowna, Kamloops and other communities within the Alberta and BC Interior marketplace.

Available in your choice of three Excel formats as well as well as photo-illustrated PDF profile sheets.

EXCEL BASIC: Includes sortable columns with company name, building name, suite/unit number, street address, city, province, postal code, phone number(s) and live website links.

EXCEL PLUS: Includes EXCEL BASIC as well as sortable columns containing head office city, industry sector, estimated occupied square foot size and city names of branch locations elsewhere.

EXCEL PREMIUM PLUS: Includes EXCEL BASIC and EXCEL PLUS as well as a time-saving list of contact names and titles of key decision makers related to administration and/or facilities. (Note: Many of the live weblinks found in all three of our Excel database formats also list contact names and titles within their websites).

PHOTO-ILLUSTRATED PDF PROFILE SHEETS: (Includes Excel Plus). Achieve focused business-development and call-back efficiency with our individual, photo-illustrated PDF profile sheets on Office Building Tenants and Office Occupiers. Perfect for owner/principals of small to medium-sized companies who undertake business development by themselves or with support staff. Designed to be viewed on tablets or printed-off for additional note-taking prior to being filed for future follow-up.

Contact Michael Bennett at 825-222-4007 or to arrange an online or in-person meeting to explore how our latest database products can help you jump-start your Autumn 2022 sales and leasing initiatives. Database samples displayed in each of the sub-tabs below.

Our Reports and Database products profile markets across Alberta and the BC Interior, including: Metro-Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Metro-Edmonton and the Grande Prairie / Peace River Country.

British Columbia Interior: Kelowna, West Kelowna, Penticton, DLC, Vernon, Salmon Arm, Kamloops as well as East & West Kootenay regions.

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